A Spiritual Biography by Acariya Maha Boowa

A Spiritual Biography Acariya Mun Thai BuddhismThe aim of spiritual liberation must be accomplished by appropriate means: the Middle Way as taught by Buddha. Although the Buddha forbade the use of self-mortification as a means to gain enlightenment, he authorized and encouraged specialized ascetic practices, known as dhutangas. The true Middle Way is not the smooth path of least resistance negotiated with easy compromises and happy mediums; but rather, it is that path of practice which most effectively counters the mental defilements that impede progress by resisting the aspirant every step of the way. The spiritual path is often full of hardship and discomfort, while the inner forces opposed to success are formidable, and even intimidating. The biography of the Thai Buddhist, Acariya Mun Bhåridatta Thera, is an example of this struggle. Download the biography here (530 pages):

A Spiritual Biography Acariya Mun

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