Venerable Ajaan Khao Analayo – A True Spiritual Warrior

A True Spiritual WarriorVenerable Ajaan Khao Analayo – A True Spiritual Warrior is the biography of Ajaan Khao Analayo, an outstanding and distinguished figure in contemporary Thai Buddhism. He is well-known and respected by people from all walks of life for his wisdom and brilliant expository skills. Because he himself is truly a spiritual warrior, he is the ideal person to record for posterity Ajaan Khao’s path of practice and his teachings. He is one of Ajaan Mun’s most exceptionally gifted disciples; he is also one of the dhutanga tradition’s truly masterful spokesmen. His no-nonsense, resolute character, his charisma and his rhetorical skills have established him as Ajaan Mun’s natural successor. Download the free ebook, published first in 2006, here (238 pages/4.5 MB):

Ajaan Khao – A True Spiritual Warrior

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