Arahattamagga – Arahattaphala: The Path to Arahantship

Arahattamagga- The Path to Arahantship free Buddhism ebookArahattamagga – Arahattaphala: The Path to Arahantship is a  compilation of Venerable Ācariya Mahā Boowa’s Dhamma Talks About His Path of Practice. From the book:

“I tell you quite frankly: I no longer experience past, present, or future; for I no longer have any trace of conventional reality left within my heart. I can assure you that nothing more remains. Such is the power of the Lord Buddha’s Dhamma for overcoming the kilesas. Dhamma resides in the heart. The kilesas also dwell in the heart and are its enemies. And we are the ones caught in the middle, bearing the good and bad fortune that results from this clash, for we belong to the heart, just as the heart belongs to us.”

Download the free illustrated PDF e-book here:

 Arahattamagga- The Path to Arahantship


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