The Art of Living

The art of living

The Art of Living – Vipassana means “insight” in the ancient Pali language of India. It is the essence of the teaching of the Buddha, the actual experience of the truths of which he spoke. The Buddha himself attained that experience by the practice of meditation, and therefore meditation is what he primarily taught. His words are records of his experiences in meditation, as well as detailed instructions on how to practice in order to reach the goal he had attained, the experience of truth. This is widely accepted, by the problem remains of how to understand and follow the instructions given by the Buddha. While his words have been preserved in texts of recognized authenticity, the interpretation of the Buddha´s meditation instructions is difficult without the context of living practice. Vipassana is a simple and instructive method to develop a daily, living practice. Download The Art of Living here (164 pages/: 2.8 MB)

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  1. Hi,

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  2. I would like to say thanks for putting free book. I would love to know more about meditation. I just downloaded Goenka book.

    May all the good deed bless to you all.


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