Song of the Avadhut by Dattatreya

Song of the Avadhut by DattatreyaSong of the Avadhut by Dattatreya is here presented as a new (1992) translation by Swami Abhayananda. His books and articles may be read and freely downloaded on his website at:, he has graciously allowed us to offer them here as well.

The knowledge of the Avadhut Gita is not limited to the mystics of any one cultural tradition, but is universal among all those who have attained to mystical vision. Some of the best known representatives of this particular universal knowledge are the Upanishadic rishis and Shankaracharya of the Vedantic tradition, al-Hallaj and Jalaluddin Rumi of the Sufi tradition, Shakyamuni and Ashvagosha of the Buddhist tradition, and Meister Eckhart and Juan de la Cruz of the Christian tradition. Download the free ebook here:

PDFbookSong of the Avadhut by Dattatreya

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  1. I want to read Avdhut Geeta but it is out of print, it is not available. I head a lot about it. So I want to read and follow.


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