Body and Soul – An Integral Perspective

Body and Soul integrated perspectiveBody and Soul – An Integral Perspective by Swami Abhayananda, whose books and articles may be read and freely downloaded on his website at:, he has graciously allowed us to offer them here as well.

Throughout history, the dualistic approcah to Reality have been given innumerable names, such as Purusha and Prakrti, Brahman and Maya, Shiva and Shakti, Jahveh and Chokmah, Theos and Logos, Tao and Teh, Dharmakaya and Samsara, Haqq and Khalq, and on and on.

This classic dualism between Soul, or spirit, and the matter-producing Energy has not only been the conventional Eastern metaphysical view; it has been the conventional Western metaphysical view as well, from the time of Pythagoras and Plato, on through the Neoplatonists, Hermetics, and Jews, carried forward by Christianity and Islam, and reaffirmed analytically in the seventeenth century by René Descartes.

Swami Abhayananda proposes a framework for an integral perspective. Download his book (275 pages) here:

PDFbookBody and Soul – An Integral Perspective 

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