Brutal Beginnings

The rebels of enlightenment over at the forum/blog have for some months worked with some new and radical approaches to free people from the veil of Samsara. Their work are truly impressive and fresh. Their main idea is to get people in a large scale to understand that there is no “I”, and seeing this fact is considered to be equal to enlightenment or liberation.

Now some of the works from the forums have been edited and collected in a 184 page ebook and it consists of several online liberations, where people by rough language by insisting members of “list of the liberated”  have given in to the fact that there is no “I”. Great work and a reminder to all that enlightenment will find a way regardless of tradition, religion and time. Download the book here, or as Ciaran says: Welcome to the motherfucking war, man:

This book has been updated, please find the new version here: LINK

3 thoughts on “Brutal Beginnings”

  1. enlightenement…? what the **** is that? a goal in the future? Another projection among millions of projections……workshops and classes to achieve it?….Liberation from I?….if the I is gone then who is left to achieve liberation?…how many I’s are there in you? how many times can you fool yourself?…countless may be.


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