Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze

Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze

Buddhist Scriptures by Edward Conze. This anthology seeks to provide insights into Buddhism from a number of unusual angles. It consists of translations from the Pali Canon and the older Sanskrit version Udanavarga as well as both translations from the Japanese Rinzai and Soto traditions. The bulk of authoritative Buddhist writings is truly enormous and covers tens and hundreds of thousands of pages. The Pali Canon, which is restricted to one single sect, fills 45 huge volumes in the complete Siamese edition, exclusive of commentaries. The Chinese and Tibetan Canons, on the other hand, include the work of all those schools which left their mark on China or Tibet. In its most recent Japanese edition, the Chinese Scriptures consist of 100 volumes of 1,000 closely printed pages each, while the Tibetan extend to 325 volumes. This colossal mass cries out for selection, and at present no less than 17 anthologies have appeared in English alone. There is room for many more. Measured by the total wealth of the Buddhist tradition, each anthology is woefully inadequate and inevitably omits far more than it includes.

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