Capital – A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx – The complete work in four PDF volumes

Karl Marx Capital PDFCapital – A Critique of Political Economy, also knows as ‘Das Kapital’ – the original German title, by Karl Marx, is probably the most well-known philosophical treatise on politics and economy. Marx was a brilliant economic thinker and I personally often recall his quote ‘If you need something you can’t produce, you must produce something you won’t need’ as a general truth applicable to many situations and discussions. However, what Karl Marx had in insights into the economy he lacked in political and sociology understanding. Marx was certain that his lifelong studies in national economics pointed towards inevitable revolutions worldwide, in which the exploited classes would take over control of societies and build socialistic Utopias. Unfortunately for Marx, his work (and millions of victims), these fallacies became the ideological basis for dictatorship and despots all over the world.

Download ‘Capital – A Critique of Political Economy’ here:

Download the pdf science of getting rich Capital-Volume-I






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