Clearing the Path – Writings of Nanavira Thera

Clearing the path

Clearing the Path by Nanvira Thera helps the reader to a point of view that is different from his customary frame of reference. An early step in accomplishing this change is the abandonment of specific mistaken notions about the Buddha’s teaching and about the nature of experience. This initial change in specific views may lead to a change in point-of-view, where one comes to understand experiences from a perspective different from what one has been accustomed to—a perspective in which intention, responsibility, context, conditionality, and related terms will describe the fundamental categories of one’s perception and thinking—and which can lead to a fundamental insight about the nature of personal existence. Such a change of attitude seldom occurs without considerable prior development, and this book is intended to serve as a tool in fostering that development. Download Clearing the Path here (588 pages/3.7 MB):

PDF downloadNanavira – Clearing the Path




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