Come and See – Three Dhamma Talks

Come and See dhamma talks

Come and See – Three Dhamma Talks. For 40 years, the monk Phra Ajaan Funn Ācāro wandered throughout northeastern Thailand, facing and overcoming many hardships—wild animals, lack of food, and recurring diseases. Because of his kindness and strength of character, he developed a following, both lay and ordained. In 1944, he returned to his home village in Phannana Nikhom district and stayed in a cemetery near to a neighboring lake. The local villagers set up a small hut and Dhamma hall at the spot, and this was the beginning of Wat Paa Udomsomphorn, the monastery where Ajaan Funn eventually settled in the last decades of his life. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that he actually began spending the Rains there. In the meantime, he set up monasteries and hermitages in several secluded spots throughout the northeast. These talks do convey a sense of his strength of character, with its distinctive combination of kindness and strictness. Because of their value, both as a record of the teachings of the Wilderness Tradition and as inspiring lessons in the Dhamma, three of them are offered here in translation.

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