Consciousness Enlarged free Buddhist PDF e-book

Consciousness Enlarged is the second edition of the transcript of a course on consciousness, Citta, as laid out in Abhidhammatthasangaha, the traditional primer on Abhidhamma in the Theravada Buddhist world. It was given by the Burmese Sayadaw U Thittila in England, probably in 1983. The Sayadaw, then in his 87th year, gave a comprehensive verse-by-verse explanation of the material. In its masterly explanations, conversational tone, and lucid style it is a sound introduction to the subject, and—by Abhidhamma standards—a fun read. Sayadaw was one of the very few learned Burmese Monks who spoke English and also traveled abroad in the 20th Century. This second, revised edition was published in 2019.

Download Consciousness Enlarged here (354 pages/3.7MB):

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