Dear friends of, I am building this library in my spare time, and it is my joy and utter pleasure to present these books to you. More than 10 years of heartwarming comments and encouragement from you have shown me the way: more new books, good quality and I have also learned to trust my instincts as editor. If I would read the book, you would probably also be interested.

I have expenses with CDN-network, server, costly plugins, newsletter service the server guy (he is not costly, but I have a neverending, long list for him) and more. The ads cover some of these costs and during the years donations have become more and more important.

I used to rely solely on PayPal, even though many don’t like it or don’t have access to it. So here I have made a fine selection of ways you can contribute to this good cause: Free, public domain, high-quality books on spiritual and religious topics on the net.


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