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The Quaran or Qur’an – Here we have two of the most important and widespread free translations of the Quaran or Quran in English (sometimes also spelled The Kuran). All are suitable for reading on both mobile devices and/or on your computer. According to Islam, the Quran was revealed in the so-called Qur’anic revelation to Muhammed during the Ramadan in 610 AD. These PDF Quaran versions are free to download and share. Please visit our Islam section for more: From the Quran:

174. Verily, those who conceal what Allah
has sent down of the Book, and purchase a
small gain therewith ( of worldly things), they
eat into their bellies nothing but fire. Allah
will not speak to them on the Day of
Resurrection, nor purify them, and theirs will
be a painful torment.

175. Those are they who have purchased
error at the price of Guidance, and torment at
the price of Forgiveness. So how bold they
are (for evil deeds which will push them) to
the Fire.

The Noble Quran
The Noble Quran in the classic English translation
Written by: Dr. Muhammed Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali
Published by: King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qu´ran
Available in: Ebook

Download the PDF Quran here or follow the links for more versions:

PDF Quran downloadEnglish Quran – Alhilali-Khan-version PDF (29,5 MB)

PDF Quran downloadEnglish Quran with Commentaries By Yusuf-ali PDF (7,42 MB)

We also have a modern Quran translation in plain English here: Link


The entire Quran Podcast with English translation

176 thoughts on “Download the Quran in English free complete PDF-book”

  1. Timespanr, you say “on the topic Quran, nearly every ENGLISH only Quran is a fake” Since you I say “NEARLY” every version, is there one that is not fake? Please tell me which one so I may read it. If what you meant was that NO english version is real, how can anyone who does not speak the original Arabic as spoken by Mohammad ever read it? I doubt anyone speaks the exact same language as any language that was spoken 1,500 years ago. Old English is definitely different, Latin, Hebrew,etc, have all been changed by time. But if you really no of an unchanged version of the Quran, please supply it.

  2. To Paul Bently:

    ALL of the holy texts teach kindness and respect. Only the weak rulers of each generation use the holy and twist them to create blame and unrest, not only between different peoples, but among the women and men of each faith. When we all accept that holiness lives inside each of us and requires us to treat each other with kindness will peace be achieved. Daphne (above) has the right idea.

  3. qamardeen, i am sorry, my friend, but you are mistaken when you say we have only English translated Bible. Hebrew was the language of Jesus and you will find his words in many, many languages. Although not accepted by most Jewish people as the spoken word of the Son of God, the New Testament (as well as the Old Testament or Talmud) can be read in Hebrew, as well as English, Arabic and Aramaic, French, Dutch, German; literally in every language in the world. I do not understand why you are unable to find a Hebrew version of the Bible. Perhaps your computer is being blocked?

  4. Sikh dog stick to your own religion and get over the partition of India as you Sikhs got nothing and Khalistan was shoved up your backside. Even today you are the slaves of Hindus so remember your status in life :)

  5. While there is truth in the Koran, there is also falsehood. No true prophet would ever have accepted the ‘sword’ verse, sura 9:5, or the ‘fighting’ verse, sura 9:29, as coming from Allah. Thus, Mohammed was a false prophet, because he not only accepted them, but embraced them. And abrogated all the peaceful, tolerant verses of the early Koran. This has led to so much suffering and misery, suffering and misery that has harmed the perpetrators as much as the victims.

    There is other evidence that Mohammed was a false prophet in the Koran, as well, but the above example is definitive. Anyone with insight who sees that knows immediately that Mohammed was a false prophet, and that the Koran is false scripture.

    In general, a good rule for a seeker to follow is that a scripture or teacher who claims exclusivity for their creed has no true understanding. Whatever *you* call that principle behind everything, Allah, God, Brahman, Nirvana, Void, Eternity, Source, Tao, dharmakaya, nagual, it plays no favorites. *Every* human being is its chosen.

    If you do read the Koran, take the words of Omar Khayyam to heart:

    Some, in this world, Allah want to know,
    Others sigh for paradise to come.
    Ah, take the cash and let the credit go,
    March not to a distant drum.

    And maybe the words of Jesus of Nazareth (Issa), should be heeded also:

    If the blind leadeth the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

  6. Can some one point to the which part of quran verse line title where it states it’s okay to ethnic cleans minority of obe tribal group over the other sunnies .which part make reference that one tribe is more holy and right over the other as from what I have read all are supposed to be equal as long as all follow it’s teachings all will be blessed and receive there place for being good followers .but in real life it is not done this way why

  7. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone, and prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is His messanger and slave.
    plz accept islam and come in real path of life and spread the message of islam to your friends also.

  8. first of all I thank Allah (s.w.t) for giving us hidaya to recite Quran. My advice to all muslim brothers and sisters is to go to the Quran and Sunnah for the betterment of life islam is gold accept this gold. One feels happy and calm when recite Quran the God’s word.
    thanks for downloading Quran in English and simple language

  9. Pls help me in this downloading of holy quran in english like sample~bismillahi rahamoni roheem kulihuallahu adu allahu and along with meaning. I will be very gratefull. Thank you regard Sani Abdullah

  10. I love allah. Allah pls teach me how to mentain your lain I want to work with your rule pls help me and forgave all my sin

  11. Matt 16:13-16
    Who do people say the Son of Man is?”
    They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.””But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”
    Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
    My dear muslim brothers an sisters,is not what u have being told or what they say he is,but what u say he is.
    Well he is my personal lord and saviour.Care to find a God who loves!then check out on him please.

    • Dear sister,we muslims are the only non Christian faith who make it an article of faith to believe in Christ (may peace be upon him).

      Can u please tell me were in the Bible christ claims that he is a son of god and if he was,who ran the world when he was crucified.

  12. Technically
    to suggest that you are providing a copy of the Quran or Koran, or that you are providing a Translated Copy of the Quran or Koran
    is a false suggestion.
    The Quran or Koran, was delivered to the Arabs in Arabic.
    So, to be Correct, ALL Approved versions of the Quran or Koran are translate with Arabic and English, in Structured or other formates.
    Now, you are asking yourself why is he suggesting that? Because…if you will but do a search of the Internet on the topic Quran, nearly every ENGLISH only Quran is a fake or a darvation from the Quran, bottem line is, if it was delivered in Arabic, and TL into A&E, side by side or over, that effort along is somewhat more assuring.
    But, if you want the Real deal, look for the approval of one of the four (4) Shariah Schools or the King of Saudia….for starters.
    We, I, as a Muslim, would consider using one of these text for anything but a tool for fishing, apprasing whom ever gave it to of all the fact afore state.

  13. Bible us sharbat ki manind hai jisme zahar mila ho,
    Kuchh log ise maje se pee to jarur rhe hai magar halak b jarur honge, Genesis to Revelation logo ne jaisa chaha waisa likh diya, lekin aise logo ki jagah sirf jahannam me hai.

  14. Surah 29.27. And We bestowed on him Isaac and Jacob, and We established the prophethood
    and the Scripture among his seed, and We gave him his reward in the world, and
    lo! in the Hereafter he verily is among the righteous.
    Mohammad Disqualified himself as a True Prophet of God”.Surah 29:27 states clearly that, as far asAllah and the Qur’an are concerned, the only true prophets are those related to “Isaac (Ishaq) or Jacob (Yaqoub)”; yet Mohammad, according to Muslim tradition, is related to “Ishmael” and “Not Isaac or Jacob”.The real God (Yahweh) chose to establish His covenant with Abraham and Sarah’s son “”Isaac””,instead of with Ishmael(son of the slave girl Hagar). NO “1” is True Prophet/Messenger in Islam.
    Abraham a full year God informed before Isaac’s birth that he would perpetuate His covenant through Isaac, not Ishmael. This choice of Isaac by God is mentioned 5 times, beginning in Genesis 17:18-21. God only promised to make the descendents of Isaac a great nation. Yet, who did this false Islamic god, Allah adopt? Ishmael! In fact, an important Islamic holiday called Id-al-Adha celebrates the bogus near sacrifice of Ishmael by Abraham in Mecca. “Abraham NEVER ever set foot in Arabia”.
    How to prove Islam/Quran was FAKE Story? Surah 13:7 Mohammad did not perform any miracles.The people are saying that even one sign would be enough to convince them is TRUE prophet, just one miracle but “NONE!!!” And Mohammad would reply:Surah 17:93 Say:”Am I anything but a man, a messenger”Mohammad did no miracles. He did not heal the sick,raise the dead,cast out any demons/Satans,or rule the wind and the waves.Prophet had No More Power than any Normal Man like u NOT muslim miracle >1400years until today. Proved Word of Allah SWT ALLAHU AKBAR SUBHANALLAH “Power” in holy Quran= normal newspaper Power = normal story book Power.
    Miracle from Allah.How to prove Islam/Quran was FAKE Story(NOT FROM ALLAH)? Surah 13:7 Mohammad did not perform any miracles.The people are saying that even one sign would be enough to convince them is TRUE prophet, just one miracle but “NONE!”Mohammad would reply:Surah 17:93 Say:”Am I anything but a man,a messenger”.Mohammad did no miracles.He did not heal the sick,raise the dead,cast out any demons/Satans,or rule the wind and waves.Prophet NOT More miracle Power than Normal Man(NOT FROM ALLAH)

  15. Greetings to all my brothers and sisters pleases am in need of help I when to dawload English Quran but I can’t please help me

  16. hi ma name sally,from kenya please heip me download english version of koran,have developed interest in reading it but not able to download.thanks.

  17. Salaam wia Lia kum
    please help me download the Qur’an in transfiguration form. Besemisseme liahe rahomine raim

  18. e reward of all those who translate e Koran is surely with Allah.
    it’s good for every one especially we the reverts who knows notting concerning Arabic.
    continue ur good work, surely a good reward follows it.

  19. May ALLAH be pleased with you all and accept all your struggle as an act of ibaadah. Please I need to download a complete Quran with tafsir by Yusuf Alli AND QURAN IN MP3

  20. I am very thanful to you when i saw your site on phone i got amazing and pleasent realy i con’t say any thing, i am always soughting such as site for the purpose of learning please pray for me that i will become good muslim i know that i am not able to talk you or send a comment but still i bear the pain and send our comment please pray for me that will be your most kindness thanks …sameer ahmad parray please send me quran through this with translation


  22. I just want to know each and every matter written in quran-e-sarif. So plz help me out providing it in english.
    Bcoz i dont know arabic. I will be grateful to you.

    Thank you.

  23. May ALLAH bless all those who have made it so that I can be able to have the whole QUR’AN in my phone.

  24. this efforts is commendable, however you claimed that western education is anti Islam but failed to realised that computer is a product of inspiration of the Western Christians who had sweet communion with the through Lord, Jesus Christ. Believe in him today and be saved.

  25. please my fellow brothers and sisters, I want to remind you that in heaven there is no religion so let’s concentrate on our belief systems and worship The Almighty God for there is a place we are all fighting to go which is heaven. let’s be one and teach ourselves the good news of God and stop insulting ourselves pls. thank you. I know both Islam and Christianity stand for peace

  26. I am grateful that i have got the holy Quran after all.Because I love Islam religion as a muslim and at the same time i have same respect to other religions.

  27. Please help me with the translated Quran, I can read the arabic bt.I don’t. Understand d arabic. Pls help with d translated quran for clear understanding. Alhamdulilahi ala nimoti li islam. Muheenat Raheem. Lagos state, Nigeria.


    “Thanks a lot sir,i feel very happy to download the precious” qran “.

  29. Assalamu alaekum wa rahmatullah,may Allah guide us on the straight path.oh Allah pour out on us patience and cause us to die as muslims.

  30. Am very glad to have my full Qur’an downloaded in the english version.May Allah richly bless us all and make it of great importance to our lives

  31. assalamu alaikum my muslim brothers i covered the study of the holy quran in arabic, so i wanna learn in english too,so how can i find the pdf of the holy quran, thnkz all the stuffs

  32. Thank you for providing the downloadable Quran on your site, as an atheist in Australia I wish to know as much as I can about the different religions out there to best understand them and how they work as much as I can. I believe that much of the violence today is from a lack of understanding towards other faiths and religions and wish to try and get the full picture of Islam; I read somewhere that knowledge is power, but understanding is the ability to use that knowledge safely.

  33. hello brothers n sisters in islam i really love u all may allah bless us wit jannat fridous amen. I just wanna download a english transelation of quran because i can’t ready arabic. So i need ur help about too download it,,,, masalam

  34. NB. Afwan. I mean jesus neither proclaim of being the last prophet nor the God or son of the God. to comfirm this check Qur’an 61 verse 6 and Qur’an 19 verse 16 to 35. or contact any sincere islamic preacher. thanks

  35. May Allah will bless u with jannatul firdaus 4 ur effort on dis site. But 4 u brothers and sisters in Islam pls don’t allow those symbolised people 2 use their symbolical symbolism 2 symbolise your symbols (imaan) as benjamin & barnabas oluoma had written rubish and senseless in dis site. Holy Qur’an is not the saying of prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) but the saying of Allahu (SWT). All the sincereful muslim had believed in the Holy prophet including the Jesus (may peace and blessings of God be upon him) the son of mary and holy scriptures including the holy Bible being revealed to jesus but not the one using nowaday dat is fully contradicted with human sayings.Apart from Islam, no any other religion dat believed in Jesus and bible, and Jesus himself neither proclaim of being the prophet nor the God or son of god. May Allah will take our lives in Islam & imaan emen!. for further infomation, contact any sincereful islamic preacher or teacher.THANKS.

  36. And there is no salvation elsewhere, for there is no other name given to us in human im which we can be saved (Acts 4:12) . That at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee must bow (Phili. 2:9-11). Accept ur saviour nd be saved . U cannot bribe Jesus by d word “we like Jesus but He is noy d son of God”. U had better don’t like Him @ all bcos He’ll also deny u

  37. All dear friends! The Holy Bible is the only infallible and inspired word of our lord God. Quran is not holy, but rather is the word and sayings of Mohammed. because, it contradicts by itself. Please, those Muslim brothers, read the Holy Bible find the true way of salivation!

    • Quran is d best religious book to read u will see many version of bible but there is only one version of Qur’an.And why is it DAT we have only english translated Bible and not d one written in the language by Jesus but till date there is still the Qur’an written in Arabic.

  38. AS-SALAMU ALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAH,i want to download the Quran be couse the Quran will inlight me every time,thanks 4 acepting me,

  39. Salam to all brothers & sisters of islam, i want some one to help and guide me how to download qu’ran translation in english. Thank u

  40. I realy like it when I see people are getting interested in islam,may Allah guide us and the unbeleivers that are searching for the light

  41. Pls help me in this downloading of holy quran in english like sample~bismillahi rahamoni roheem kulihuallahu adu allahu .And I will be very gratefull.

  42. May ALLAH be pleased with you all and accept all your struggle as an act of ibaadah. Please I need to download a complete translated Quran with tafsir by Yusuf Alli.

  43. Good day sir,i’m one of your sit fan on Quran leaner
    i request for English Quran on January 14th 2013 yet i have not hear from you sir. Thanks.

  44. to whom it may concern
    my name is Mohammad Allah from Afghanistan i was always trying to find a site to download Holy Quran free fortunately i found your site this is ready interesting and the most important is that we can download Holy Quran with different language specially Person and English. thanks you so much Allah bless you.


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