Ecopsychology by Vladimir Antonov

Ecopsycology by Vladimir AntonovSome weeks ago I got in contact with the Russion author Vladimir Antonov. It was merely by coincidence that I learned he had published several books and some pretty impressing stuff too. Vladimir Antonov had some interesting points and opinions about my editorial selection of works here on the site, and I will consider his suggestions for the future. Take a look at his website here: Divine Way og Spiritual Heart. I am pleased introduce to you Vladimir Antonov and his impressive work Ecopsychology. It was published in Russia and since translated to English in 2008. Here it is the English 447 page public domain version. From the intro:

“This book written in a simple and easy-to-understand language by scientist-biologist Vladimir Antonov covers the essential issues: what is God, the place of human beingin the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, principles of forming and correction of destiny, ways of attaining health and happiness, most effective methods of psychic self-regulation, about spiritual development and cognition of God. The book includes also texts of several lectures by its author, which may repeat in different words the most important ideas. Hopefully, it can help the readers comprehend the material more fully.”

Download it here: Ecopsychology by Vladimir Antonov

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