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This book, Esoteric Islam by Sachal Smith, attempts to investigate the mystery letters of the Quran called the “Huroof-al-Muqattaat”. Here, the hermetic arts of astrology, alchemy, and symbolism are employed to decipher their meanings and potential significance for human spiritual growth.

The great ideals of wisdom were incorporated into the mystery teachings of ancient Egyptians in the form of hermeticism. That is why the hermetic ideas outline the tenets of all the major philosophies in the world that include objectivity and resolution in the exercise of their traditions. The Quran is considered as the book of divine guidance by Muslims whose main subject constitutes ‘man’. From a hermetic standpoint, the Quranic mysteries carry a great deal of connection to the hermetic arts of astrology and alchemy. Here, I have attempted to explain the manner in which symbolism of the hermetic precepts is used to define the notions of highest aspirations in man’s ethical behavior by the Islamic traditions.

The book Esoteric Islam includes the interpretation of Islamic traditions by use of the hermetic arts of Astrology and Alchemy. It discusses the mystical teachings of the Quran from the standpoint of ancient mysteries and modern metaphysics. It attempts to understand the message of the Quran in its structural designs alongside the principle tenets so as to unravel the mystique of this very impressive literature.

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