Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures

Buddhist Lectures

‘Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures’ by Sayadaw U Thittilla is a huge collection of his expanded notes on talks on Buddhism. The book answers a number of questions about Buddhism, its history and different sects, such as Mahayana, Theravada and others. It also gives detailed explanations about rebirth, meditation and lots more. From the book:

For nearly thirteen years Siddhattha led the life of a luxurious Indian prince, seeing only the beautiful and the pleasant. In his twenty-ninth year, however, the truth gradually dawned upon him, and he realized that all without exception were subject to birth, decay and death and that all worldly pleasures were only a prelude to pain. Comprehending thus the universality of sorrow, he had a strong de-sire to find the origin of it, and a panacea for this universal sickness of humanity. Accordingly he renounced the world and donned the simple garb of an ascetic.

Download the 415 pages PDF work here:

Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures

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