Ethical Studies Selected Essays by F. H. Bradley

Ethical Studies Selected Essays by F. H. BradleyEthical Studies Selected Essays by F. H. Bradley a great introduction to the works of the English philosopher. This was his first book of which T. S. Eliot in 1926: “It is unusual, that a book so famous and influential should remain out of print so long as Bradley’s Ethical Studies.’ Bradley apparently planned a total revision of the book before he would allow republication, but when he died he left only some notes for his revision, making no change in the essentials of his belief. A second edition, with the notes, was published in 1927, fifty-one years after the book’s appearance.

Bradley deserves his place in that long line of British philosophers who are masters of English prose—a line that includes Bacon, Hobbes, Berkeley, and Hume. Although he often lacks the clarity of his predecessors, Bradley has his own qualities: precision and intensity, wit that is sometimes caustic, an alteration of assurance and diffidence, and above all, a singular honesty. If you are into Bradley, and you should be after reading the Ethical Studies, I dare you to read his magnum opus Appearance and Reality.

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