So many good questions. Here I will try to answer some of the most frequent questions I get by mail about holybooks.com.

There are missing pages in X-book?

When I prepare books for publication on holybooks.com, I often remove empty pages. This can lead to a discrepancy between the page number in the book and page number calculated by your reader. I do this to make the files smaller and easier to download. I can see from the stats that most user access the site from mobile devices over 4G. 

Could you post a specific book?

Yes, I can. Most likely I do not have it on my computer but I will search for it somewhere. You can help me by searching for the book and send it to me. Please remember that books for holybooks.com must be in the public domain. 

Do you really believe what X-book says – why do you promote this lunatic or weird idea?

I am not promoting any kind of religions, belief systems, chemical substances or spiritual paths.  I am a librarian who host books that I personally find either meaningful, thoughtful, funny, uplifting, scary or in other ways interesting. This is my house and personal selection of books, you are welcome to read along but please keep in mind that I am not trying to convince anyone about anything.