Free Enlightenment

Free EnlightenmentFree Enlightenment by Wayne Wirs was suggested to me by the author yesterday. As the title says the book is free but it is ambiguous. Wayne uses “free” as a term to “remove the bindings and letting something loose in the world”. His explicit aim is to free up the masses and his vision with this book is to show you how.

The book draws on personal experiences and starts out by defining enlightenment:

Enlightenment is the skill of being able to unite the personal and the impersonal on demand.

As often pointed out in other texts on enlightenment and spiritual oneness, the unification of the personal and the impersonal makes all boundaries of self-collapse and the result is that everything becomes one thing. This is, as Wayne Wirs points out, a doorway to a completely new way of living and functioning as a human being.

Free Enlightenment
Free Enlightenment takes the reader on a fact based journey towards enlightenment and spiritual unity.
Written by: Wayne Wirs
Published by: Self published by Wayne Wirs
Edition: First
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

Download the free e-book here (65 pages/ 500 Kb):

PDF ebook downloadFree Enlightenment


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