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Good Heart, Good Mind – The Practice of the Perfections is based on talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu during two retreats held in France and Brazil in 2019. The topic of the two retreats were on the Ten Perfections (pāramī): giving, virtue, renunciation, discernment, persistence, endurance, truth, determination, goodwill, and equanimity. The Ten Perfections dates back to the earliest ascetic traditions of Buddhism. From the book:

The perfections are a set of qualities traditionally associated with the path of the bodhisatta—the Buddha-to-be—in his quest for the timeless happiness of awakening through the  course of many lifetimes. Because these perfections are drawn from the Jātaka tales, stories of the Buddha’s previous lives, and because the bodhisatta is often portrayed as a layperson in those  tales, the perfections provide an excellent framework for understanding how to give meaningful and satisfying purpose to everyday lay life. They show how to approach duties, responsibilities, and
challenges in a way that’s conducive both to genuine goodness and to genuine happiness. As they develop, they foster qualities both of a good mind—wise in understanding cause and effect—and a good heart: purposeful, well-intentioned, and strong. The talks of each retreat were presented in two series: a series of talks on the ten perfections, primarily in the evenings, plus a series of morning talks, largely on practical issues arising in meditation and topics related to the practical application of the perfections. Every afternoon,  there was a period for questions and answers concerning issues arising from the talks and from the retreatants’ experiences in meditation.

Download the free, Public Domain PDF here (202 pages/3.5MB):

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