Guide through the Abhidhamma Pitaka

Guide through the Abhidhamma Pitaka download PDFGuide Through the Abhidhamma Pitaka – A synopsis of the Philosophical Collection of the Buddhist Pali Canon Followed by an essay on Dependent Origination (Pratītyasamutpāda) by Nyanatiloka Mahathera was publised first in 1938. This is a reprint of the second revised edition from 1957. From the foreword:

“The Abhidhamma is the third section of the Tipiþaka or Three Baskets of Buddhist Doctrine. We are unable, perhaps, to date exactly the first appearance of the seven books of this ‘Basket’ in their present-day form. Internal evidence indicates that the Dhammasaògaóì, the Vibhaòga, and the Paþþhána are the oldest, and were probably recited, even as they stand today, at the Second Great Council of Arahants, held in the first quarter of the fourth century B.C. or earlier.”

Download it here (248 pages):

PDF Quran downloadGuide through the Abhidhamma Pitaka


6 thoughts on “Guide through the Abhidhamma Pitaka”

  1. R/Sir
    Kindly provide me Abhidhamma Pitak full Manual in Hindi or English

    Sanjaykumar Ingale

  2. dear sir is there available hinditranslation of tripitaka(suta pitaka, vinay pitaka,and abhidhamma pitaka) plz provide address of book sentre or link of pdf

  3. if it is possibal tripitakas in hindi translation
    in pdf books(vinya pitak,sutta pitak,abhidhamma pitak)…thanks bhavatu sabba mangalam.


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