Head & Heart Together – Essays on the Buddhist Path by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Thanissaro Bhikkhu Head and Heart togetherHead & Heart Together – Essays on the Buddhist Path by Thanissaro Bhikkhu was published in 2010. It consists of 13 articles some of which have appeared in various magazines such as  Shambhala Sun, The Sati Center Journal, Mandala, Insight Journal and the Buddhadharma. This is the fourth of Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s articles and they include: The Lessons of Gratitude, No Strings Attached, The Power of Judgment, Think like a Thief, Strength Training for the Mind, Mindfulness Defined, The Joy of Effort, Head & Heart Together, The Wisdom of the Ego, Ignorance, Food for Awakening, The Buddha via the Bible, and Freedom from Buddha Nature. Download the free ebook here:

Head and Heart together

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