Heart, Diamond and Lankavatara Sutras

The Heart Sutra free Buddhist PDF ebookThe Heart Sutra is a member of the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajñāpāramitā) class of Mahāyāna Buddhist literature, and along with the Diamond Sutra, is perhaps the most prominent representative of the genre. Its Sanskrit name Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya literally translates to the “Heart of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom.” From the book:

Since in emptiness nothing can be seen,
there is no perception, imagination, mental function or judgement.
There is no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or consciousness.
Nor are there sights, sounds, odors, tastes, objects or dharmas.
There is no visu-al world, world of consciousness or other world.
There is no ignorance or extinction of ignorance and so forth
down to no aging and death and also no extinction of aging and
There is neither suffering, causation, annihilation nor path.
There is no knowing or unknowing. Since nothing can be known,
Bodhisattvas rely upon Prajna Paramita and so their minds are
Because there is no hindrance,
no fear exists and they are far from inverted and illusory thought
and thereby attain nirvana.


This version also has includes the Diamond and Lekavatara Sutra which you can find more in-depth versions of here on the site. Download the 139-page public domain text ‘Heart, Diamond and Lankavatara Sutras‘ here:

PDF downloadHeart, Diamond and Lankavatara Sutras


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