HELLAS – A Spectacle with Music and Dances in four acts by Rodney Collin

Hellas by Rodney Collin free PDFHELLAS – A Spectacle with Music and Dances in four acts is written in 1951 by Rodney Collin, while he was living in Mexico. From the foreword: “The ideas expressed in this play are not original. They have been expressed many times in history in various ways – now philosophically, now as poetry, and again in painting or even in architecture. I and others learned them as a system of psychology. But psychological language already has a fin de siècle flavor: as the author of that form well knew, when he declared before he died: ‘I abandon this system. Try to reconstruct it all’.” – A reference to Collin’s teacher, Ouspensky, who a few years before declared that he abandoned the system. Many of his pupils were intensely confused by this, but Rodney found Ouspensky’s dramatic move to be helpful for his personal development.

Download the play Hellas here (141 pages):

Download the pdf science of getting richHellas


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