The Herald of Harmony by Rodney Collin

The Herald of Harmony by Rodney CollinThe Herald of Harmony by Rodney Collin, a short play accompanied with musical tracks on each page. from the book:

“What is harmony? It is the order by which heaven is ruled, an order not yet manifest on earth. It is the order by which the sun and planets play their parts, infinitely repeating, combining, creating and destroying. At the dawn of Greece, the school of Pythagoras studied this heavenly harmony, and compressing its vast vibrations a billion times, revealed and perpetuated it in sound. Seven notes were found to ring throughout the universe, infinitely echoing from God to rock. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si — the notes ascended, echoed once more to Do, and infinitely on. Between Mi and Fa a half-tone only, cosmic pause, crack, silence, through which might come the echo of higher and lower music, threading creation through itself to unity. Between Si and next Do half-tone again, the leap from one scale to the next, from task completed to next task begun, from end to new beginning.”

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The Herald of Harmony

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