How to generate Bodhicitta

How to generate BodhicittaHow to generate Bodhicitta by Ribur Rinpoche is an extraction of teachings from 1997 when he held a three and a half month of training. Ribur Rinpoche was born in Tibet in 1923 and recognized as the incarnation of Lama Kunga Osel, a great scholar who spend his last 12 years in strict solitary retreat. The theme of this book is Bodhicitta, the aspiration to attain enlightenment. He discusses the importance of Bodhicitta along with other practices and the historical aspects of Bodhicitta.

How to generate Bodhicitta
An extraction of teachings from 1997 by Ribur Rinpoche
Written by: Ribur Rinpoche
Published by: Amitabha Buddhist Centre
Edition: First
ISBN: 981-04-1335-1
Available in: Ebook

Download the e-book here:

PDF ebook downloadHow to generate Bodhicitta


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