Hsin – Hsin Ming by Seng-ts’an Third Patriarch of Zen

Hsin-Hsin Ming Verses on the Faith-Mind PDFHsin-Hsin Ming with the subtitle Verses on the Perfect Mind was written by Seng-ts’an also known as the Third Patriarch of Zen. The Hsin Hsin Ming is a verse written in the 6th century, it is considered the first clear and
comprehensive statement of Zen. The title is often translated as “Faith in Mind”, but some argues that the title should be translated as “Inscription on Relying on the Mind” or “Inscription of the Perfect Mind.” this translator chose the call it “Verses on the Perfect Mind.” The Hsin Hsin Ming has been much beloved by Zen practitioners for over a thousand years. It is still studied today in Western Zen circles. Download it here (15 illustrated pages):

Hsin Hsin Ming

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