In Simple Terms

In simple termsIn Simple Terms consists om 108 Dhamma similes by Ajahn Chah. He was a master in the art of using similes to explain points of Dhamma. Sometimes he would make an abstract point clear with a vivid and simple image; sometimes he would tease out the implications of an image in a way that suggested many layers of meaning, offering food for continued thought. In other words, some of his similes provided answers, whereas others provoked questions. Since his death, several collections of similes have been drawn from his Dhamma talks. The present translation is based primarily on a collection compiled by some of his students in 1995, entitled Myan kab cai, klaai kab cit (Like the Heart, Similar to the Mind).

In Simple Terms
Ajahn Chah was a master in the art of using similes to explain points of Dhamma.
Written by: Ajahn Chah
Published by: Metta Forest Monastery
Edition: Second Edition, Revised
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

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