Introduction to Vedic Knowledge

Introduction To Vedic Knowledge PDFIntroduction To Vedic Knowledge by Parama Karuna Devi is presented here with kind permission by the author. The work here is actually four books combined in one. The first outlines the perspectives of the study of Vedic culture, both in Indian and Western history. The next three books are about the Vedic texts and the Vedas. From the book:

This publication originates from the need to present in a simple, clear, objective, and exhaustive way, the basic information about the original Vedic knowledge, that in the course of the centuries has often been confused by colonialist propaganda, through the writings of Indologists belonging to the euro-centric Christian academic system (that were bent on refuting and demolishing the Vedic scriptures rather than presenting them in a positive way) and through the cultural superimposition suffered by sincere students who only had access to very indirect material, already carefully chosen and filtered by professors or commentators that were afflicted by negative prejudice.

Download the free PDF e-book here (400 pages/2MB):

PDF Introduction To Vedic Knowledge

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