A Journey Through Georgia C. E. Bechhofer Roberts

A Journey Through Georgia C E Bechhofer Roberts ebook
Sketch of Gurdjieff in Tiflis 1919.

A Journey Through Georgia. Journalist Carl Eric Bechhofer Roberts spoke Russian and traveled widely in Russia and the Caucasus. He was acquainted with Ouspensky as a fellow journalist when he went to report on conditions there in 1919. Roberts describes a series of engaging meetings he had with “a curious individual named Georgiy Ivanovich Gourjiev” as well as an informed assessment of the volatile social and political situations he encountered throughout the Caucasus. His skeptical but admiring observations provide the first published account in English about Gurdjieff, who gave Roberts an insider’s tour of Tiflis (what is called Tblisi today). You might also be interested in Ouspensky’s Letters from Russia: Link. Download the short article here:

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