Kabbalah Meditation from Torah to Self-improvement to Prophecy

Kabbalah, Golden DawnKabbalah Meditation from Torah to Self-improvement to Prophecy. This work in progress is intended to train one to experience the authentic Kabbalah. Study the manual by browsing the table of contents, links, and footnotes. The work focuses on learning kabbalah through character improvement through theoretical, meditative, and practical kabbalah. From the book:

This work summarizes a three-year study on developing mystical awareness. The purpose of this work is
to provide the keys for developing a mystical relationship with G-d. Each of us has our own pathway to
follow. Nevertheless, Jewish mystics throughout the ages have recorded an authentic map. Those who
follow this map will find the greatest of mystical experiences! This is reassuring and a validation of the
authenticity of the teachings of our prophets and sages.

Download here (932 pages/4,30 MB):

Kabbalah Meditation from Torah to self-improvement

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