Knowing and Seeing by Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw

Knowing and Seeing Buddhism pdf ebookKnowing and Seeing is a set of precise and detailed instructions on the process of realizing Nibbāna in this very life as it is developed and practiced at the  Pa-Auk Forest Monastery in Myanmar. From the foreword:

To achieve Nibbāna  yogis must comprehend the aggregates, as impermanence, suffering, and non-self. As for the objects of Vipassanā meditation, they are not only the internal and external five aggregates, but also the five aggregates of past, future and present, gross and subtle, superior and inferior, far and near. Only after comprehending all of them penetratively as impermanence, suffering, and no-self, can yogis attain the noble paths.  Then they continue to practise Vipassanā to attain the higher paths and fruitions up to Arahantship, whereby they are no longer subject to rebirth, and will attain final Nibbāna after death. Download the free ebook here (346 pages):

Knowing and Seeing

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