The Life and Legends of Saint Francis of Assisi by Candide Chalippe

The Life and legends of S. Francis of Assisi free ebook in pdf-formatThe Life and Legends of St. Francis of Assisi by Father Candide Chalippe was first published at Paris in 1727. It is not only well written and reliable, but also instructive,elevating and inspiring. The facts and legends mentioned are drawn from the oldest and most reliable sources. The abundance of incidents and anecdotes not to be found elsewhere make the volume eminently interesting, while the reflexions and applications which the author now and then interweaves with the narrative are soreplete with practical hints on spiritual life. The style though simple, at times graphic, is very pleasing; the narrative flows on with equal ease and freedom. Download the free ebook here (we another biography of Francis of Assisi here: link):

The Life and Legends of Saint Francis of Assisi

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