Look at Yourself by John Sherman

John Sherman free ebook Look at yourselfLook at Yourself by John Sherman is dedicated to to Gangaji and contains the edited transcriptions of the meetings during the 2007 Retreat with John Sherman in Ojai, California on November 2 through 6, 2007. From the book:

“Not more preaching, not more understanding, not more states that come and go, not more samadhis, just the truth. If it is true that the only problem is a false belief about what we are, and it is this that infects and inflicts upon humanity all of the horror that humanity inflicts upon itself, then the only solution is the truth.
Here’s the good news: the truth is really simple.”

Download the work here (225 pages, published under Creative Common License Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0, check it our here):

PDF downloadLook at Yourself by John Sherman


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