The Manuals of Ledi Dipani

Manuals of insight free Buddhist ebooksThe Manuals of Ledi Dipani is written by the  Burmese Buddhist monk Maha-Thera Ledi Sayadaw and is actually three books: The Vipassana Dapani – or the Manual of Insight, Niyama Dipani or the Manual of Cosmic Order, and Patthanuddasa Dipani – or the Buddhist Philosophy of Relations. These instructions are meant as initial studies before commencing the Practice of Exercise of Insight also know as vipassana-kammattathana in the Theravada tradition.

Download the work here (258 pages):

PDF downloadThe Manuals of Ledi Dipani



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  1. Venerable Sir,
    I am reading Thervada Buddhism. Your books are very helpfull. I thanks for taking pains in translating the books in Enlglish and giving free online.
    Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam


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