Milestones by Syed Qutb Shaheed

Milestones by Syed Qutb ShaheedMilestones by Syed Qutb Shaheed. Syed was an Egyptian Islamist, author, educator  and poet. The books is presented here today because of Syed Qutb Shaheeds continuing influence on a number of currently active radical Islamist groups. Syed Qutb Shaheed was also the leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1966 he was convicted of plotting the assassination of Egyptian president Abdel Nasser and he was executed by hanging. His masterpiece is the 30 volume commentaries on the Qu’ran: In the Shade of the Qu’ran, which is mandatory bedtime reading for members of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and similar groups. Milestones is one of his works on social justice and the role of Islam in politics. I post this book here, not to promote these views, but in order to help people to understand the ideology subscribed to by radical Islamist groups.

Milestones is a modern classic works on social justice and the role of Islam in politics.
Written by: Syed Qutb Shaheed
Published by: Islamic Book Service
ISBN: 817231244X
Available in: Ebook

Download Milestones here (133 pages/: 780 kb):

PDF ebook downloadMilestones



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