Most Important – the complete trilogy

Most important coverMost Important – the trilogy. These 3 books by Cael the Shaman will turn what you know about spirituality on its head and then some! Here is the beginning excerpt:

Naaa, this is not your cliché labour of love. I don’t take myself that seriously… seriously! But… I will say this, I have learned Truth. Not my truth, your truth, or what resonates… Truth. I speak it unabashedly, with zero apologies. I am Gemini too, so my raw writing style is unconventional it is who I am at my core. I’m grateful that you chose to engage in my company’s plan of spiritual action, and I will assure you that it is with honor that I will share my discoveries with you in detail as I have received it.

Thanks to the author for letting me post the books here. Here they are as free PDF e-books:




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