Muslim Saints and Mystics by Farid Al-Din Attar

Muslim Saints and Mystics by Farid Al-Din AttarFarid Al-Din Attar was one of old Persias greatest poets. He appears to have died between a.d. 1220 and 1230. Of the very numerous epics and idylls ascribed to Attar perhaps nine may be recognized as authentic. Of these the most famous is the Manteq Altair, a subtle and charming allegory of the soul’s progress towards God. This books is a collection of biographies of Sufis, Mystics and Muslims saints. Download it here (428 pages):

PDF downloadMuslim Saints and Mystics


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    Subject: Tadhkiratal Awliya by Farid Eldin Attar

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    This book is famous with the name of Tadhkirtal AWILIYA by Farid Eldin Attar in Persian language and in this book 96 episodes are there. In the English language, 38 episodes were translated by A.J Arberry and 58 episodes are translated by me.

    Please find links of two books are as follows.


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