Nalinika’s Story or: The Seduction of an Innocent

Nalinikas storyNalinika’s Story. Nalinika’s Story is a pre-canonical story of the Buddha’s former life. The story is an interesting, but highly improbable, fable: a sage lives alone in the Himalayas, there is semen in the urine he passes, and a deer who happens to eat the grass in that place gets pregnant from it. A human boy is later born to the deer and he is brought up in complete seclusion from mankind, and most importantly, from womankind. The boy’s ascetic power becomes so great that Sakka in his heaven is worried by it and causes a drought to occur in the country and blames it on the boy. He then convinces the King to send his daughter to seduce him and to break his power. The King and his daughter accept Sakka’s reasoning and in good faith – and for the benefit of the country – agree to the plot.

Nalinika's Story or the Seduction of an Innocent
Nalinika’s story is a pre-canonical story of the Buddha’s former life.
Written by: Unknown
Published by: Translated by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
Edition: 210
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

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2 thoughts on “Nalinika’s Story or: The Seduction of an Innocent”

  1. This is Rushya Srungas story.Srunga means horns.he is born to a deer.He married the r, Santha the daughter of Anga raju.usually Buddhists took many stories and puranas of sanathana dharma and inserted into their preachings.Ahimso paramodharma is from Hindu upanishats, which is the basis for Buddhists preachings

  2. South Indian people who have heard of Adi Shankaracharya know this story. Adi Shankaracharya established a Mutt in Karnataka, which later became famously known as Sringeri Mutt. About 5 miles from Sringeri, there is a place called Rishya Shringa, named after a great sage whose story is exactly like Nalinika’s.


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