Parayanavagga – The Way to the Beyond

Parayanavagga - The Way to the BeyondParayanavagga or The Way to the Beyond is a controversial part of the Pali Canon, some of the earliest known written Buddhist texts. Research indicates that Parayanavagga might even be the oldest part of the Pali Canon. The suttas is a record of conversations between the Buddha and sixteen Brahmin meditaton masters which resulted in their awakening. Parayanavagga is radical in the sense that it stresses the overall importance in non-attachment to all views and ideas, and at the same time it rejects asceticism. This is the fourth way of Theraveda Buddhism, one could be led to think, since the texts describes spiritual transformation as a process out folding in the midst of everyday life of the practitioner.

The Way to the Beyond - Pārāyanavagga
Pārāyanavagga is a group of Suttas from the earliest Buddhist literature. It place considerable emphasis on non-attachment to all views.
Written by: Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
Edition: 2004
Available in: Ebook

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PDF ebook downloadParayanavagga – The Way to the Beyond


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  1. You are already beautiful being..No need to become anything.Just recognize it in your own heart. You are not alone. Send you much love

  2. Dears
    I want to change myself into devotee of god but I have no guru so I am not able to take right decision to move towards god and I have no relative just like brother sister parents so therefore I want to be a right person . pls give me right advise to become a good person I am just alone

    Lal babu Das


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