Polygamy in Islam – The Rationale and Laws Behind

Polygamy in Islam – The Rationale and Laws Behind. This is one of just a couple books in English on the both widespread and controversial culture of polygamy in Islam. As the subtitle suggests it aims at describing the historical background, arguing for instance that early Christians were polygamous, and legal practices as used throughout the Muslim world. The authors states that they are not promoting polygamy be the lifestyle for every Muslim, and that the practice of polygamy relationship is surely not only a bed of roses:

This material was not put together in defense of polygamy, for Allah has already confirmed the right to do so as clearly stated in the Quraan: “Marry of the women that please you; two, three or four, but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly, then only one. Polygamy is a complicated aspect of marriage in Islam in which the welfare of the community supersedes the desires of the individual (woman). Nowadays, polygamy is usually viewed as a right that man has but should not take, or as a law that is outmoded and in need of being abolished. Muslims often attempt to hide it or apologize for its existence. There is no need to hide or apologize but there is a need for those who have decided to adopt it as a lifestyle to try and handle it in the best possible way.

This book contains basic guidelines for anyone interested in understanding the rights and obligations of males and females in Islamic plural marriages. The guidelines have been drawn from the Quraan, Hadeeth, the sayings and actions of the Prophet and the opinions of Islamic scholars.

I did a couple of simple fact checks on the book. For example it states that women outnumber men at birth, and uses this fact to further support Islamic polygamy. However, this is not true: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sex_ratio.

Download Polygamy in Islam – The Rationale and Laws Behind here (111 pages/4.3 MB):

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  1. The very verse of the Quran mentioned above, in italics, forbids polygamy. It puts an essential condition for polygamy which is that if you can maintain justice. The very verse, further, says that you cannot maintain justice. The Creator tells that you cannot. None other than Him knows us better. We may not fulfill the essential condition, hence denied polygamy.

  2. It really hurts to see one say something against truth (ie)that woman are not more numerous than men because they are always have been and to say they are not is to stick to male chauvinism.

  3. Hi.Great website and thanks a million for giving opening my mind to great works of literature from all of humanity. Is there plans to have an Islam / sufi section? Where can i find such books? Thanks again


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