The Practice Which Leads To Nibbana

The Practice Which Leads To Nibbana PDF ebookThe Practice Which Leads To Nibbana is another newer work (1998) from the Pa Auk Tawya monestary in Burma. It was written for guest and also foreigners visiting the monestary. From the introduction:

“The method of meditation that is taught at Pa Auk Tawya Monastery is based on the Visuddhimagga commentary. That method involves several stages of practise which are complex and include a detailed analysis of both mentality and matter according to all the categories enumerated in the Abhidhamma and the further use of this understanding to discern the process of Dependent Origination as it occurs in the Past, Present, and Future. Therefore people who are unfamiliar with the Visuddhimagga and the Abhidhamma will have difficulty in understanding the practice of meditation at Pa Auk Tawya.”

Download the book here (173 pages):

PDF downloadThe Practice Which Leads To Nibbana


3 thoughts on “The Practice Which Leads To Nibbana”

  1. If this book is really 173 pages long, it’s not Pa Auk Sayadaw’s “The Practice Which Leads To Nibbana”; that work comprises five volumes. The fact that this work is 173 pages long, as well as the cover image, indicate that this is “The Practice THAT Leads To Nibbana – Sharpening the Indriya” by Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa – a different work altogether.

  2. I am very much delighted to download this book. Thanks. I will read it & write about it. It is very pious work for humanity.


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