Radiance Experiencing Divine Presence by Gina Lake

Radiance Experiencing Divine Presence by Gina LakeHere is another book by Gina Lake, this woman has my respect and she goes right to the core and starts with the words: “Who are you?” From the book:

“You are programmed very strongly to pay attention to the egoic mind and believe what it tells you about yourself, others, and life. Most people’s lives unfold according to the egoic mind’s ideas, desires, and demands—their conditioning. You are programmed to believe the ideas that run throughyour mind. These ideas are a mix of useful, factual information andoutdated, prejudiced, and incorrect information and beliefs. Most people accept everything that runs through their mind as true, without questioning it. This brings a great deal of suffering because happiness cannot be found infollowing the false beliefs and values of the ego. Unhappiness is the certainresult of allowing the egoic mind to run your life.”

Download Radiance Experiencing Divine Presence by Gina Lake here:

PDF ebook downloadRadiance Experiencing Divine Presence

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