Reading the Mind

K. Khao-suan-luang Reading the mind
K. Khao-suan-luang

Reading the Mind’ is a compilation of teachings by a Thai female teacher, Kee Nanayon (1901-1978); who established a Dhamma center, Khao-Suan-Luang in 1945. Upasika Kee attracted Dhamma students, and her followers came to include both female lay devotees and white-robed nuns. These Dhamma talks were mainly given to the women who stayed at her center to practice meditation. After listening with a calm and centered mind, they would all sit in meditation together. From the book:

To practice in line with the Buddha’s teachings is to go against the flow. Every living being, deep down inside, wants pleasure on the physical level, and then on the higher and more subtle levels of feeling, such as the types of concentration which are stuck on feelings of peace and respite. This is why you have to investigate into feeling so that you can let go of it and thus snuff out craving, through being fully aware of feeling as it actually is — free from any self — in line with its nature: not entangled, uninvolved. This is what snuffs out the virus of craving so that ultimately it vanishes without a trace.

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 Read the Mind

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