Rugged Interdependency – A Monk’s Reflections on the American Buddhist Landscape by Amaro Bhikku

Rugged Interdependency ebookRugged Interdependency with the subtitle A Monk’s Reflections on the American Buddhist Landscape was written by Amaro Bhikku and published by the Abhayagiri Manostic Foundation. In the early 1980s Ajahn Sumedho began to make regular visits to northern California. He was the senior Western disciple of Ajahn Chah, one of the most highly respected Buddhist masters of the Thai forest tradition of Theravāda. Over the next ten years he developed a devoted following of students in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1988 they formed the Sanghapala Foundation, with the mission of creating a branch Monastery of Ajahn Chah’s lineage somewhere in northern California. This is their story and the broader story about Buddhism in modern America:

Rugged Interdependency

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