Sakti and Sakta by Sir John Woodroffe

Sakti and Sakta - John Woodroffe free ebook on hinduism and tantraSakti and Sakta by Sir John Woodroffe is a study on Shakta Tantric beliefs and practices. The book is an essential and indispensable volume on Tantra. It was written at the turn of the 20th century, during the British colonial occupation of India, and so it is not what one might call an easy or leisurely read. The text assumes some familiarity with Hindu and/or Tantric religious terms, so it would be helpful to keep a copy of John Grimes’ A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: “Sanskrit Terms Defined in English” or other references handy while you’re reading it. Nonetheless, it is an exciting piece of work, and still one of the best works on Shakta Tantra to be found. Download the free ebook in full length here:

Sakti and Sakta – John Woodroffe


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