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The Sama Veda PDF in english
The Sama Veda

The Sama Veda or “The song of Knowledge” is one of four Vedas, a group of ancient texts believed to the divine. The Sama Veda has a history of oral transmission for hundreds of years before it was written down in 1200 to 1000 BCE at about the same time as Atharvaveda and the Yajurveda. The work consists of 1,549 verses and the various old versions tend to be very similar regardless of the geographical widespread locations in India. The Sama Veda is important especially to the Vedanta school since it contains the Chandogya Upanishad and Kena Upanishad, which are considered primary Upanishads. Furthermore, the Same Veda includes the Kandas:

Agneya Kanda
Indra Kanda
Pavamana Kanda
Aranya Kanda

– And of course The Uttara Archika. It is also in the Sama Veda we learn about the Soma-Juice and the moon-plant sacrifices. Download the free PDF e-book here (214 pages/6,6MB):

PDF ebook download The Sama Veda


Listen to the complete Sama Veda in English here


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