Selected Essays by Lindsay Traynor

Selected Essays by Lindsay Traynor is a trilogy compiled from texts he has produced for six decades. Editing and selection of these essays have been done by Lindsay and his assistant. I am happy to be able to present them here with the kind permission by Lindsay. The Selected Essays goes well along with The Poetry Series by Lindsay Traynor I posted here last week. From the series:

At various stages, during the course of our lives we experience short bursts of awe, joy, wonder, and for the fortunate few, glimpses of universal Love. During these experiences [if you would recollect] what occurs is a momentary cessation of the chatter of the mind as we are absorbed by the experience. It is interesting to note that these experiences are interpreted as forms of release rather than acquisition. The process that inhibits our experience of joy and peace is the ‘train’ of finite thoughts superimposed on the free flow of infinite Consciousness. What also becomes readily apparent is that the cessation of the ‘chatter’ of mind results in the spontaneous experience of peace and joy and that these heightened states are not a result of external intervention – in other words, peace, joy, love, etc., are innate.

Download the free books here:

Selected Essays – Lindsay Traynor Book I

Selected Essays Lindsay Traynor Book II

Selected Essays – Lindsay Traynor Book III

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  1. Dear Sir / Madam, I would like to make contact directly with Lindsay if possible please to discuss some of the memories he is sharing about Swami Gitananda.
    Could you please forward my email address and this message to him?
    Many thanks for your support.


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