Selected works by Albert Einstein – as free PDF e-books

Books by Albert Einstein free PDFSelected works by Albert Einstein. Here are the major books written by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein. Surprisingly, Einsteins books are easy to read. They are not meant for the scientific society. Instead, the tone and way of writing reveal how important it was for the author to make the extremely complex discoveries accessible for a broad audience. I have read many modern popular science books by skilled writers, that were much more difficult to understand than Albert Einstein’s own writings. He wrote extensively during most of his life. He wrote hundreds of scientific papers, contributed to many more and he wrote chapters for numerous books. Most important are his own works, as presented here, that he wrote without co-authors. I will not get into details about Albert Einstein here, you can find an excellent article on Wikipedian here: – here are the English books by Albert Einstein:

PDF ebook downloadSidelights on Relativity

PDF ebook downloadThe Meaning of Relativity

PDF ebook downloadPrinciple of Relativity

PDF ebook downloadRelativity – The Special and the General Theory




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  1. The availability of Selected works by Albert Einstein here at is absolutely and relatively awesome! Thank you I/we subscribers so appreciate these classic and genius works by the master himself Albert Einstein. The whole world needs to read these masterpieces to understand just how one of the world’s most famous geniuses ticked. His mind was and still is one of, if not the, most important in the history of Homo sapiens! Again, thank you to this is so so appreciated. Bless you. From New Zealand.


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